Laboratory Medicine

Antibody Techniques by Vedpal S. Malik, Erik P. Lillehoj

By Vedpal S. Malik, Erik P. Lillehoj

The applicability of immunotechniques to a large choice of study difficulties in lots of components of biology and chemistry has extended dramatically over the past 20 years ever because the advent of monoclonal antibodies and complex immunosorbent ideas. Exquisitely particular antibody molecules supply technique of separation, quantitative and qualitative research, and localization helpful to someone doing organic or biochemical research.
This useful consultant to immunotechniques is principally designed to be simply understood via individuals with little functional adventure utilizing antibodies. It truly provides precise, easy-to-follow, step by step equipment for the generally used ideas that take advantage of the original houses of antibodies and should support researchers use antibodies to their greatest virtue.

Key Features
* specific, easy-to-follow, step by step protocols
* handy, easy-to-use format
* huge sensible information
* crucial history information
* worthwhile tricks

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