ANNA FREUD HB (Makers of Modern Psychotherapy) by Rose Edgcumbe

By Rose Edgcumbe

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181–182). Reactions to parting at this time of life are particularly violent. The child feels suddenly deserted by all the known persons in his world to whom he has learned to attach importance. . His longing for his mother becomes intolerable and throws him into states of despair. . Observers seldom appreciate the depth and seriousness of this grief of a small child. , pp. 182–183) This is because it is relatively short-lived. Unlike the adult, the child cannot use his memories of the past and outlook into the future to maintain an inner relationship to loved ones.

Though not politically involved herself, she was interested in the views of social activists who believed that altering the environment is crucial to improving the psychic condition of children (Young-Bruehl 1988, pp. 177–178). Her awareness of social deprivation in Vienna in the 1920s and 1930s led to her involvement in setting up the Jackson nursery in 1937. As a Jew in 1930s Vienna, Anna Freud was not permitted to be in charge of any institution, so the nursery was set up with the assistance of influential American friends, Edith Jackson and Dorothy Burlingham.

98–99, 206–207). Tony’s developmental difficulties from age 2 years 9 months to 5 years Longer descriptions were also given of a number of children whose progress was followed over many months or years, and whose developmental difficulties were especially instructive. , pp. 240–243). He was delicate, charming and superficially friendly, but also frightened and lost, making no emotional contact with anybody. His father had left for the army when he was 8 months old, and he then lived alone with his mother until he was 2.

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