American Woodworking Tools by P. Kebabian, et. al.,

By P. Kebabian, et. al.,

Книга, посвященная деревообработке и столярному делу.

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Thousands of stone tools have survived. It is difficult, however, to determine how extensively they were used to fashion objects of wood because th e wood, exposed to air, to weathering, and to dampness, ultimately disintegrated. We may deduce that wood was in daily use from implements, such as th e bow and spear of Stone Age man, unearthed from European peat bogs. ' Experimentation has taken place in the modern reproduction of Stone Age implements, and anthropologists have successfully duplicated both the processes of manufacture of the tools and th eir application in cuttin g, scraping , incising, and boring.

EARLY "pigs" to be rework ed in manufacturing , or to cas t objects in molds. The black smith in colonial Ame rica, lik e earlier ironwork ers, developed his skill lar gely by tri al and erro r. He ga ined a vast store of knowledge by his own experience and by learning techniques pas sed to him by older furn ace and forge work ers, but his techn ology was completely lacking in any th eoret ical underpmnmg. DEVELOPMENT - - - -. OF TOOLS The determinati on of th e fun damental functions served by th e hand tool, as well as many of the basic design s, developed in pr ehistoric tim es.

1875 . Length of blad e, 11% inches . Hist ory of Man ufactures in the U n ited S tates , th e axe was pr obabl y th e first tool made in Am eric a for ge nera l sale. This was made possible by an inf ant iron indust ry, which was pr o- 34 Som e Basi c Tool s • cessful and inventive wa s Hugh Orr. A Scotsm an , proficient in blacksmithing, he came to N ew England in 1740. At East Bridgewater, M assachusetts, he worked for a scythe-maker and ultimately took over th e sh op. H e is reputed to be the first American tool-maker to utilize a power ed trip hammer in edge-tool manufacture.

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