All-New Inhumans 002 (2016) by Charles Soule, James Asmus

By Charles Soule, James Asmus

Because the Terrigen Clouds movement around the globe they go away of their wake the wrecked lives of the Inhumanized. Crystal and her crew are tasked to aid as a lot of those NuHumans as attainable, yet it's not likely to be effortless. not just are perspectives of those new super-powered humans various (from worry to anger to amazement) yet even those that get the powers aren't consistently completely happy to get them. upload to that the 19 mysterious Skyspears that lately crashed into the Earth, and the Inhuman international simply acquired much more complex.

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This vulnerability was exploited in a variety of ways and allowed an immediate root on nearly all the major Linux distributions, almost bypassing all kernel security patches that were in place. This vulnerability is a classic example of the design flaws we mentioned at the beginning of this chapter. It does not (and would not) matter if the daemon is (was) written in C++, Python, or Java instead of plain C. The vulnerability would still be there. In other words, the flaw stays at a higher level; it is incidental to the architecture.

You do not have to face the problem of finding a large, safe place to store the shellcode. You have 3GB of controlled address space. You do not have to worry about no-exec page protection. Since you control the address space, you can map it in memory however you like. You can map in memory a large portion of the address space and fill it with NOPs or NOP-like code/data, sensibly increasing your chances of success. Sometimes, as you will see, you might be able to overwrite only a portion of the return address, so having a large landing point is the only way to write a reliable exploit.

Both of these interprocess communications (IPC) mechanisms netlink sockets and doors are not limited to kernel-to-user (and vice versa) communication; they can also be used for user-to-user communication. Since these user-land daemons interact directly with the kernel, it is important to protect them correctly (in terms of privileges), and at the same time it is important to guarantee that no one can get in between the communication, impersonating one of the two parties. a. = 0) { info(udev monitor >udev, "sender uid=%d, message ignored", cred >uid); return NULL; } } […] udev device = device new(udev monitor >udev); [6] if (udev device == NULL) { return NULL; } Actually, more than one issue was found with the udevd code, but we will focus on the most interesting one: a faulty architectural design.

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