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A Woman of Consequence by Anne Dean

By Anne Dean

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Fiction, famine, and the rise of economics in Victorian Britain and Ireland

Thumbs up. .. . means up. What a breath of unpolluted air within the commonly stale subject material of eu, victorian economics. i'm purchasing one for everybody on my christmas record (kids love it).

Defoe's America

The Americas look as an evocative atmosphere in additional than 1/2 Daniel Defoe's novels, and sometimes supply a brand new starting for his characters. within the first full-length learn of Defoe and colonialism, Dennis Todd explores why the recent international loomed so huge in Defoe's mind's eye. via targeting the old contexts that expert Defoe's depiction of yankee Indians, African slaves, and white indentured servants, Dennis Todd investigates the colonial assumptions that formed his novels and, whilst, uncovers how Defoe used info of the yank adventure in complicated, usually figurative how one can discover the mental bases of the profound conversions and differences that his heroes and heroines endure.

Treason at Lisson Grove: A Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Novel

Anne Perry’s very specific international of puzzle, ardour, and risk has attracted a whole new release of readers to her bestselling Victorian novels. Treason at Lisson Grove, her first Thomas and Charlotte Pitt novel in 3 years, is a masterpiece, encouraged by way of heritage and spinning on a razor’s fringe of rigidity, with a forged of characters as wealthy because the universe Perry inspires.

Graham Greene: Fictions, Faith and Authorship

During this major rereading of Graham Greene's writing profession, Michael Brennan explores the effect of significant problems with Catholic religion and doubt on his paintings, relatively with regards to his portrayal of secular love and actual wish, and examines the non secular and secular matters and plots concerning belief, betrayal, love and melancholy.

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