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A Sure Foundation: Answering the Charge Against Christianity by Michael Sturgulewski

By Michael Sturgulewski

Because the days of the early Christian church, unbelievers have pushed aside the Gospel of Christ as a fantasy or hoax, as far as to claim that Jesus of Nazareth was once no longer even a historic determine. Christianity, they are saying, is a approach of religion that's basically a transforming of pre-existing ideals and motifs from either pagan mythology and astrology. during this booklet, those claims might be positioned to the try out so one can separate truth from fiction in such accusations opposed to Christianity. also, it will likely be proven in what methods the individual of Jesus of Nazareth is so tremendously precise from different deities imagined to be one of the world's many "crucified saviors."

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When was Jesus born? The critics who claim Jesus’ birth date is derived from pagan mythology are actually correct, since the date on which Christians observe His birth does have pagan origin, as will be shown shortly hereafter. However, these critics are apparently unaware that Jesus was not actually born on December 25th, or they intentionally manipulate the information, through omission or alteration of the facts, for the purposes of deceiving others into believing their claim to be true. No one knows the exact date of Jesus’ birth, however, we can narrow the scope of the search for His birth date by considering other factors, such as the death of Herod the Great, the Jewish rite of purification, and the date of Zechariah’s service in the temple.

Have you ever seen a mother holding her child? Did you think that she did so out of anything but love for her infant? Did you think she was cradling her son merely because she saw someone else do it before her? No, of course not! Yet, this is just one example of the length to which critics will stretch in their search for anything to back up their claims. Yes, images of Isis holding Horus existed long before the birth of Jesus, but so did countless images of other women holding their son. Is this really any reason to suppose that one instance is merely a reflection of another?

The magi were close to royalty, but were not royalty themselves. They served kings as counselors, philosophers, and astrologers. At times, they took part in the selection of kings, but were not made kings themselves. V. His mother was named Mary: said of Horus The mother of Horus was the goddess Isis. Nowhere in antiquity was she ever called “Isis-Meri,” as critics suggest. In fact, when it is proposed that Isis was also known as Isis-Meri, the only source provided as evidence is a modern-era book written by an author who is seeking to make false parallels between Egyptian mythology and Christianity.

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