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A Feminist Companion to the Song of Songs by Athalya Brenner

By Athalya Brenner

This quantity is the 1st in a chain which supplies a primary source for feminist biblical scholarship, containing a complete choice of essays, either reprinted and specifically written for the sequence, by means of major feminist students.

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1 The Rabbis endeavour to justify this inhuman treatment of women from the law of Moses. 'Women', say they, 'are disqualified by the law from giving testimony: for it is said, "At the mouth of two witnesses", where the word "witnesses" is of the masculine, and not feminine gender'. It is not to be wondered at, therefore, that the Jew, among his thanksgivings, should say to the Almighty every morning, 'Blessed be thou, O Lord our God, King of the universe, that thou hast not created me a woman'.

It has already been noted above that the fattier is never mentioned. I think that there is a reason for that: the heroine's father was dead, hence she was subject to the brothers' control. 11) only the mother is mentioned. The male lover's companions are mentioned twice only in the third-person mode while to her own friends, the Daughters of Jerusalem or Zion, she appeals herself no less than seven times. In addition, 'daughters' or 'young women' (Hebrew 'Imwt) are mentioned five more times. T occurs a dozen times, and always as a reference to the woman lover.

As the human race became more and more alienated from its creator, intrinsic merit and moral character were despised, and physical force became rampant; the stronger, as among animals, oppressed and preyed upon the weaker, and thus woman became the slave of man, and was absolutely sold in the capacity of daughter or wife, as cattle and other property. Thus Eliezer, the servant of Abraham, purchased Rebekah as a wife for Isaac, his master's 50 A Feminist Companion to the Song of Songs son (Gen. 53).

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