A descriptive catalogue of poets quoted in Sanskrit by Ludwik Sternbach

By Ludwik Sternbach

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Purusottamadeva or SrfPuru~ottamadeva), SMS 1063, (v. Kav p. 53); (2) PG 224 (a. Purusottamadeva or Gajapati-Purusottamadeva), SMS 9195 (v. 53); (3) PG 156 (a, Purusottarnadeva or Purusottamadeva or Gajapati-Puru] tt~a_deva or Gajapatj-sri-Purusottamadeva), SMS 9847, (v. Kav p. 53); (4) PG 29 (a. Sri Purusottamadeva or Purusottamadeva or Purusottama), SMS VI (v. Kav p. 5 (5) PG 161 (a. Sri Purusottarnadeva or Purusottamadeva or Gajapati-Puru~otta1( madeva or Gajapatipurusottarnadeva); (6) PG 221 (a.

Kav p. 53); (7) PG 220 (a. ), (v. Kav p. 53). Purusottamadeva (Sri) is identical with Gajapati-(Srl) Purusottamadeva (sri), for various MSs ofPG designate so the author of verses Nos. 2,3 and 5. Gajapati is the name of the dynasty of which the author was the second king (v. J). srI E C,D,E F,G I J PURWOTTAMADEVA,GAJAPATI (v. AUTKALA) (No. ~ ~l srI H C ~~ Probably identical with Purusottama 1. See No. 824 A, H. See No. 824 B. See No. 824 A. Skv/Kav, Skm, Prasanna. 10 verses. See No. 824 G verses 1,2,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12.

1221 (a. 50 (237*). CC I -, SACA 840. 1 is probably not a Cakravartin's verse, but a C verse. Both verses are very popular and quoted in numerous anthologies and lexicons. Sententious verses. (1) 856. A B C,D,E F,G I 857. 854. A B C, D,E F,G I J J" (i rq l>I4 R PRAT APAMALLA A (-I. ~\~i':L\ ~) (v. BHUPALENDRAMALLA) (No. 1003) B Author of the stone inscription from the temple of Pasupati in Nepal, dated Nepiilasamvat 778 (== AD 1657); 30 verses. Middle of the 17th century. Author of the inscription described in A.

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