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37.Multimedia by John G. Webster (Editor)

By John G. Webster (Editor)

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King James

Pauline Croft's transparent and concise learn offers a story of the reign of King James VI and that i in his dominions of britain, eire, and Scotland, including an authoritative research of his striking, even though improper, achievements. Croft emphasizes the inter-relationships among household and overseas coverage, spiritual tensions at domestic and in a foreign country, finance and parliamentary politics, whereas additionally discussing the king's writings, his own lifestyles, and his method of the issues posed by way of a number of monarchy.

The Sower and the Seeds

Through the scriptures we discover Jesus instructing in parables. thankfully for us, while He used to be on my own together with his disciples, He frolicked explaining them. The issues He taught have been nation ideas. through those parables and their rationalization we achieve perception into the workings of the dominion. probably crucial parable to appreciate is the myth of the sower.

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