3D Scroll Saw Patterns Techniques by Henry Berns, Henry Berro

By Henry Berns, Henry Berro

Книга содержит конкретные инструкции и шаблоны для почти 50 трехмерных проектовминиатюрных трехмерных моделей животных, людей и прочих. Фигурки выпиливаются из прямоугольных брусков с двух сторон и обтачиваются до окончательных форм. Книга для любителей выпиливания.

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Assemble the table. Assemble the parts as shown in the exploded drawing, using 1¼" drywall screws driven through countersunk pilot holes. Space the screws about 4" apart, keeping all outer screws at least ⅜" from the panel edges. Have a helper hold the mating pieces as you drill pilot holes, or use clamps as needed. Start the assembly with A, and work your way around and up. All the screws are concealed except those on parts F, G, and H. To minimize the number of visible screws, you don’t have to fasten H to G; H is adequately secured by the joint with E.

Constructing this project is a study in efficiency: All of the cuts are straight, and you can even have the longest cuts made at the lumberyard. As with a jigsaw puzzle, there isn’t a single cut that affects only one piece. And the whole thing goes together with glue and screws. But what makes this design a true one-sheet wonder is the amount of waste: the biggest leftover piece measures about 1" x 6" — not a bad size for a paperweight. Materials ††One 4 x 8-foot sheet ½" plywood (AB or A-2 grade or better) ††Wood glue ††Fifty-two (or more) ¾" #8 wood screws ††Finish materials (as desired) Tools ††Circular saw with straightedge guide ††Japanese saw (without a spine, such as Ryoba), standard handsaw, or jigsaw ††Marking knife (optional) ††Drill with combination pilot-countersink bit ††Bar clamps ††Sandpaper 37 38 Ply Design Surfaces I 1.

Use a pilot-countersink bit to drill pilot holes for screws, following the pattern shown in the diagram, or as desired (the screw heads will be exposed). Drill slight countersinks so the screw heads will be just flush with the surface. Glue the pieces together and secure with screws. Repeat with the remaining three leg assemblies. 3. Install the bench supports. On the inside of each leg assembly, make a straight cut to trim off ½" from the point of the inner leg triangle, at the top end of the leg.

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