1000 Poems from the Manyoshu: The Complete Nippon Gakujutsu by Anonymous

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Courting from the 8th century and past, the Manyoshu is the oldest eastern poetry anthology. The 1,000 poems selected for this recognized choice have been selected via a distinctive scholarly committee in response to their poetic excellence, their function in revealing the japanese nationwide spirit and personality, and their cultural and ancient significance.  textual content is in English basically.

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On the last day of June the rites of Obarai (Great Purification) are observed. Great importance was attached liv alike by court and people to the sacred rite of misogi by which mortals were to be cleansed of their sins and stains. With the autumn comes the Feast of Tanabata-on the Seventh Night of the Seventh Month. The feasts of Tango and Tanabata are both Chinese in origin, but they were assimilated and absorbed into Japanese folklore just about this time, and have since been preserved even to this day.

828, 54r-2). More genuine, perhaps, is the calm contemplative attitude which was induced by the same view (Nos. 5or, 5r 5). In the poems of the later Nara Period, there is to be found a pensive mood, ready to respond to the slightest quivering of nature, presaging the approach of a new age of lyricism. (Nos. 52r-2, 523) As regards what is to come after death, generally speaking, the traditional notions prevailed. The dead are either to rise to heaven (No. 94), or to descend to the netherworld (No.

This coat was either unlined, lined, or wadded, according to season. Over the coat, a sort of loose trousers, called hakama, was worn by both sexes, while women put on, in addition, a long skirt (mo), or let the girdle-ends hang down. Among special accessories, the osuhi-probably a cape or shawl of a sort-was worn by men as well as women, while on xlviii a journey or in worshipping the gods, the Cl:)'Ui (leg-ties) were used by soldiers, travellers and workmen to bind their hakama at the knees, and women wore htre (scarfs) about their shoulders.

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